To be appointed by the parties and duly authorized by the local authorities on behalf of the agents, the call is immediately or at customer's discretion and may be berthing in the harbor, the anchorage off, or out of bar conveniently. We are able to cater any type of vessel, type and class, including monobuoy Petrobras:
Multi-Purpose Ships, General Cargo, Container, Tank, Ore / Oil, Bulk, Ro / Ro, Freezer, Passenger, Ferry Boat, Dike, Platform Supply Boat, Fishing Boat, Chemical Tug, Barge and boats, etc.


Vessel Discharging/Loading Performance
Pre-loading Conditions
Pre-Cooling Survey
Receiving Conditions Survey
Survey of Lashing and Securing
Owners / Charterers Claims Cargo Survey
Japanese Cargo Separation
Cargo Measurement Survey


On-Off-Hire Survey
Bunker Survey
Displacement Survey
Draft Compliance Survey
Damage Survey
Holds Conditions Survey
Tanks Survey
Vessels Cargo Damage Survey



Claims on behalf of Owners / Charterers of the P & I Club Representation
Vessel's Claims Conditions Survey

Independent Surveyor

Discharing Conditions Survey

Draft Survey
On Hire Survey

Pre-Cargo Holds Conditions Survey outside Pilot Station

Oil Spill Survey

Independent Steel Coils Survey

P&I Steel Coil Oval Damage

Off Hire Survey

Owners P&I Discharging Survey

Ullage plus Off Hire Survey